Five Greatest Strengths

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According to the survey my five greatest strengths are adaptability, responsibility, includer, command, and restorative. These strengths are not a surprise to me. I have been aware of them for most of my life. I believe my ability to adapt has always been a strength that I favored more than the others. I use my adaptability to keep my stress level down. By adapting to a stressful situation I can understand the why better. I am not completely stress free but I am able to control it better. I have always prided myself for being responsible. I have learned that being responsible earn you respect. I can be that person that people can count on to see things through. I like to include people in anything I am doing. The more people I have helping me the less likely I am to forget something. Everything we do there must be someone in command. When I am in command I can motivate people to do what they know must be done. My final…show more content…
I am more aware of when I need to use one or all of my strengths. I will notice if others have some of the same strengths that I do.
Knowing your employees and their strengths has many benefits for any organization. If they start by giving every one of their employees the strength test, the organization could put people where they would best benefit the company. An employee that is identified as an includer, he or she would make a better trainer than a supervisor. There are two types of people in the workforce, the follower and the leader. The leader is someone who can take command and responsible. If an employer would give the strength test to new hires they could save many years of an employee's time at that company. When the employee and the employer knows their strengths the employer can be moved straight into the position that the employee is best suited for. When a promotion opportunity arises the company will have a head start on who would best fit that
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