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The Five Guys mission statement, as simple as its menu, is aligned with the philosophy that if you 're going to sell hamburgers and fries in a restaurant industry that has a lot of hamburger-french-fries business, you 'd better do hamburgers and fries well than the competitors. Five Guy’s focus is not to add more items to the menu, but to serve top quality burgers and fries to keep their business booming. According to Boonze and Kutrz (2012) Murrell states “We figure our best salesman is our customer”, “treat that person right, he’ll walk out the door and sell for you” (pg. 78). This philosophy is one of the key factors that keep Five Guy’s apart from other fast-food chains.
Five Guys philosophy has shown significant strength; today
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Treating employees well is one of Five Guy’s mottos. The company proves it by spending less money on advertising to give worker’s bonuses. Murrell admits that they do things a little differently than most companies. According to an interview with L. Joiner (2012), Mr. Murrell states "All of our employees at our stores, we pay them good money. I think that 's important," he says. "Hire well-paid people and they 'll stay with you." The statement is true and according to Boone and Kurtz (2012), “an organization that wants to prosper over the long term is well advised to consider business ethics”. The pay for Five Guys ' employees varies by state and whether the store is corporate or a franchise, almost all of the crew-level employees make above minimum wage.
Ethical speaking if an employer take care of their employees and compensate their employees fairly than that employee will become one of their best asset. Five Guys demonstrate they have good standards and values in meeting the needs of employees and accommodating them.
Another practice Five Guys uses is sending secret shoppers to its stores to make sure they are up to the Five Guys ' standard of service. There are weekly, monthly and quarterly programs that award crew members based on the shoppers ' reports. This shows the Murrells take the business code of conduct seriously, as stated by Helleriegel and Slocum (2011) “If truly

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