Five Guys

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October 27, 2013

Five Guys is a large fast-food chain restaurant that stands out among the rest. They have different philosophies that set them apart from other fast-food companies. Many of the values that Five Guys started with have made them succeeded and are still a huge factor in their success today. After being around for seventeen years, Five Guys decided to start franchising the company, which lead to a large success in such a short amount of time. We will also discuss the ethical and social practices that Five Guys have that are a part of their company.

Five Guys have a few different
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When they first started they only accepted people that had the amount of money upfront to invest because they knew banks would not help (Welch). This also allowed the franchisee and the corporation to make a profit right away instead of having to pay a loan back. The third reason that they were able to succeed is because they kept the business simple. They only decorate the decor with red and white stripes. They also do not add anything else to the menu other than burgers and fries. They do not want to decrease the quality of their food by adding additional items to the menu, and they also want to be able to only serve fresh ingredients. For years people have asked them to add different items to their menu like milkshakes, they feel that they will not serve anything frozen so they would have to keep fresh milk and ice cream (Welch).

There are many different ways that Five Guys use ethical and social practices. One way is that they do not use any advertising or beg their customers for surveys on feedback about their meal or service. Five Guys feels that the customer is the best salesman they could have, “treat that person right, he’ll walk out the door and sell for you (Welch).” Another way that Five Guys use ethical and social practices is the “third party audits” which keep their franchises clean, safe and that their food is prepare correctly. These audits are one the “secret shopper”

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