Five Minds for the Future

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Five Minds for the Future - Howard Gardner Book Review Submitted to: Mr. Imran Saqib Submitted by: Zulfiqar Ali Date: 19/12/12 Table of Contents About the Author: 2 Summary 2 Applying the Book to Human Resource Management 6 Conclusion 6 About the Author: Howard Gardner is a renowned American Psychologist and writer who currently holds a position as an adjunct professor at Harvard University. Among numerous honors, Gardner had received a MacArthur Prize Fellowship and honorary degrees from twenty-nine colleges and universities, including institutions in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, South Korea and Spain. In 2005 and 2008, he was selected by Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines as one of the 100 most influential public intellectuals in…show more content…
A good balance of all of these five minds is an ideal personality for the future times. Applying the Book to Human Resource Management Applying Gardner’s five minds to the discipline of human resource management can reveal extremely beneficial outcomes. Gardner believes that the training and development of an organization should incorporate activities that nurture these minds and individuals. As these minds are strongly related to the needs of an employee on a daily basis, training programs designed on the foundation of these five minds can result in an organization achieving human capital that is ready to solve any issue that can emerge in the future. From the succeeding in a decision making process to functioning in a demanding workplace, the minds serve as constant innovating factors enriching the organization. an essential function of human resource management departments of the organizations is to conduct performance appraisals. such appraisals are often subjected to criticism on the fact that each employee possesses a different mindset and hence should be evaluated accordingly. If the performance management systems are designed keeping in mind these mind types, they can highlight to the employee their current status and provide a concrete vision as to what are the expectations from that employee. Conclusion Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future is a book that is an enriching collection of guidelines that not only precautions but also
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