Five Minute Anthropology

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The five-minute film begins with a couple of monstrous growls. When we wonder what’s lurking to chase something furry and cute, we find a hungry bunny, trapped in cage, just inched away from a big carrot. A magician, taking a break from his gig, comes inside licking his fingers, then prepares for a magic trick. After practices pulling the bunny through the top hat (the trick only works when the bunny wears a wizard cap), he holds the carrot to the staving creature, when, there’s a knock on the door to cue the magician on stage. The poor bunny is left smiling, with his mouth open-wide. Bunny avenges and sets out for revenge when he removes the wizard cap, leaving the magical empty-handed before a huge audience. The starving bunny dupes him…show more content…
Battered and bruised buy the innocent looking pet, he keeps trying to please the audience, who has yet to see him pull a rabbit out of his hat. After a terrible electrocution, the magician forgets the crowd and makes his mission personal. He chases the rabbit backstage. The Rabbit continues to rupture every part of the magician’s body with continuous pulls through the wizard hat. When the magician is tied to a stage rope, the rope gives, and the magician plummets toward the ground. The angry, starving, now revengeful bunny must decide to be the magician’s friend or foe. This film is for anyone who loves cartoons and doesn’t care about dialogue. The action, coupled with the outstand delivers a wonderful, satisfying ending, and leaves you wanting more. Presto is simple and reaches out to children and adults using simple comedic antics that’s had the country laughing for decades. Though, in real life, it’s dangerous, we love to see cartoon’s swollen fingers in a mousetrap or somebody’s hair blows back from an explosion. It’s fun to see dangerous things be funny. Even to use household items would be challenging. No kid can lift a couch, or refrigerator and land it on a sibling, thank
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