Five Miracle Lubrican's Five Miracles

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Five Miracle Lubricants Used for DIY Auto Repairs It can be hard to believe that anything in a can help you get through an auto repair and achieve better results. But I'm here to tell you that it's true. In this article we'll talk about five miracle lubricants used in everyday auto repairs. Not only will we cover how and when they're used, but we'll also dig into the science engineered into some of the individual products. In addition we'll discuss best practices to get the most out of the engineering designed into the lube. In the end we hope that you'll see the value of keeping these mechanics little helpers on the shelf in your DIY garage. Penetrating Oil for Loosening Rusty Bolts When it comes to DIY auto repairs we often find ourselves…show more content…
In fact you should never fire up a torch near fuel lines or a gas tank. Companies have developed products that take the temperature change in the opposite direction. Instead of using a torch to expand the metal they use extreme cold to contract the metal surfaces in an effort to break the threads loose. There are a few companies that make products in this category. The CRC product is called Freeze Off. Loctite also offers a spray called Freeze and Release. Both of these products strive to bring the temperature of the metals down below -50 degrees Fahrenheit. They call this the shock-freeze effect. The advantageous science behind the product causes microscopic cracks in the layer of rust. This allows the formulated lubricating ingredient to wick directly into the rust by capillary action as mentioned above. This dual action of first contracting the metal and then allowing this space to fill with a penetrating lubricant can break the corrosion's hold on some really stuck nuts and…show more content…
After using several different brands over the years I believe they are fairly consistent in their quality. They are all an attractive shade of green. This unique color helps distinguish caliper lube from other types of lubricants. It's recommended that you wear a pair of safety gloves when working with this product as the synthetic chemical can be irritating to the skin. Its superior waterproof protection also makes it an excellent choice for lubricating components on all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and
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