Five Performance Objectives of Ritz Carlton and Travelodge

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OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY: THE RITZ CARLTON AND TRAVELODGE’S FIVE PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES Isabel Maria Arroyo Moreno Student ID No.: A10BH014695FE Operations Management Module BSc Business Management with HR Greenwich School of Management BACKGROUND The present report will explore the differences and similarities between the budget hotel chain Travelodge and the luxury hotel chain Ritz Carlton through the analysis, contrast and comparison of the five performance objectives or elements concerning operations management. These performance objectives will specifically refer to the quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost of Ritz Carlton and Travelodge hotels’ operations from both an internal and an external point…show more content…
(Slack et al, p. 595) 2.2 Internal quality Inside of the organisation, when quality is consistent by producing services to specification it leads to satisfaction of internal customers such employees, and it makes processes and operational procedures more stable and efficient. In addition, quality both reduces costs because fewer mistakes are incurred, as well as increases dependability (Slack et al, p. 44-45) In Ritz internal quality is achieved though: * “Error free” or seamless services’ delivery and continuous identification of defects in the hotel –employees own, solve and record complaints – (Dillard, p. 7, * Annual training certifications, continuous training and professional development, job enlargement, career progression, performance measurement and reward and recognition (Connor, (Ritz Carlton Application Summary. p. 5-19) * Line up and daily training to reinforce the values of the Gold Standards and to share information/ideas – in order to improve the quality of services-. (Connor, * Involvement of the employees in the planning of the work that affects them - aims to create employee’s pride and joy- and communication of main objectives to gain support

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