Five Propositions for Exploring World Music Essay

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Music 407
Chapter 1:
What is world music?
A Point of Departure:
Five Propositions for Exploring World Music
1. The basic property of all music is SOUND * Tone – the duration (length), frequency (pitch), amplitude (loudness), timbre (quality of sound). * All sounds have the potential to be tones
2. The sounds (and silences) that comprise a musical work organized in some way * Music is a form of organized sound * Listening: CD 1:1 (Beethoven’s Symphony #9) & CD 1:2 (Japanese gagaku) 3. Sounds are organized into music by people thus; music is a form of humanly organized sound * Music is a human phenomenon * Human creation vs. sounds found in nature
4. Music is a product of human intention and perception
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Africa – to play the Cora you must be from the proper family lineage. * Music can be the property of a village. Also, this can be from a certain group. You don’t cross groups. * Music not treated as property at all * Music owned by individuals * Patronage – someone supports it * Patronage of music * Support of musicians - * Sources have direct link to style and designations of music Transmission of Music and Musical Knowledge * Music transmission * Production and reception * Composition – the person who creates * Interpretation – making music your own * Improvisation – Example: Jazz… making things up based on a specific melody.
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