Essay on Five Reasons Not to Postpone College

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It’s harder to get back into the routine of school.
Getting back into the routine of school is hard once you have been out of school for 5 years, 10 years, maybe even longer. Figuring out how to take notes, study, or take tests once again adds to the already hard enough burden of learning a new subject. “You may have to re-learn how to be a student” (Pros and Cons of Post Grad School). Nerves are already hectic enough on anyone’s first day of school but even more once you have forgotten what being a student is like. Ten years ago no one used laptops or even calculators in school, now a day’s you use both. So now you find yourself not only trying to re-learn a school routine but you also must learn how to update yourself.

Life situations don’t exist after high school.
Responsibilities may prevent you from enrolling full time in school” (The Disadvantages of Postponing College). Usually if you go to school right after high school, all of life’s circumstances haven’t happened yet and you can focus on nothing but school. “When high school students attend college after graduation, about 58 percent go on to earn a college credential (The Disadvantages of Postponing College). Taking a break from school lets you have a break but also may allow life to happen. Marriage, kids, or a full time job may have not played a part in receiving your higher education if you had not waited to attend college. Now it does. Receiving your college…

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