Five Similarities And Differences Between Consumer And Organisation Buying Behavior

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Chapter 1 Introduction Marketing is the process of planning and undertaking the idea of pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services to create and retain relationships that will satisfy individual and organisational objectives. It also deals with customers, understanding, communicating, and delivering consumer value and satisfaction. Also, individuals obtain what they need and want by creating and exchanging products with others. Exchange process involves work. Sellers must search for buyers, identify their needs, design good products, set prices to the product, promote and deliver them. However, individuals make decisions on how to spend their obtainable resources like money before purchasing any products. This is known as…show more content…
Performance review At this stage the buyer rates its satisfaction with suppliers. 3.5 similarities and Differences between Consumer and Organisation buying behaviour The first different is in organisation buying there are people involved. There might be wide range of influences in the decision making process whereas in the consumer buying behaviour there are many roles played by different individuals. However, the number of participation is very less in consumer buying process. The second different is that organisation purchase are more likely to be based on proper routing such as purchasing policies, constraints and requirements established by the organisation. This is not applicable to consumer buying process. On the other hand, there is also some similarities between consumer and organisation buying behaviour. That is both organisational buying behaviour and consumer buying behaviour have purchasing decision in common. Moreover, consumer buying behaviour and organisational buying behaviour are affected by the marketing mix. (4 p’s). The product quality will be assessed before any purchase

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