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As a student of audio production, I plan to further my education to reach my goal of being an audio engineer or a music producer. As one of the leading fine arts colleges on Long Island, Five Towns College is one of the few schools that focus mainly on one’s major instead of the general education or liberal arts. As well as being one of Billboard magazines’ top 35 music business programs in the US. This makes Five Towns College the leading school for my continuation of education in the field of business management and audio recording technology.
The main reason for my want to attend Five Towns is the numerous positive experiences your alumni have had, especially those who took the audio technology concentration. My high school BOCES’ teacher is one of these people and he has also inspired me to reach my goal. He recommended I finish my education at your college. This teacher instructs the audio production class I am enrolled in. With the knowledge I learned in BOCES and the knowledge I plan to gain from your school, I will succeed in learning more about the industry, business, and talent behind audio and music. I will use this knowledge in order to one day open my own recording studio where I will mainly work with live sound, bands, or solo artists as well as a multitude of other projects ranging from music to
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I value knowledge, determination and individuality the most. Knowledge brings one closer to the answers they might have in life as well as guide them through tough or significant periods in their life. It helps with choices and gives an understanding to one about those around them or society in general. Determination is key to achieving a goal or succeeding in a desired career path as well as individuality. Setting oneself apart from the rest, allows people to stand out and be known as themselves not as part of a group or class. These qualities identify and help motivate a
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