Five Women Who Loved Love And Shares

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About The Author A famous Japanese writer Ihara Saikaku, born in 1642, was a son of a wealthy merchant in Osaka. He had a wife and three kids, one of which was blind and in addition to taking care of his family, he learned to write haikai poetry and comics at a young age. Since his wife died at a young age, he became adventurous as “he traveled extensively writing about the various parts of the country” (Rollins, para.4). One of his first novels is called Koshoku Ichidai Otoko in 1682, which led to Saikaku becoming the first Japanese writer able to reflect the life of the modern city Japan and how he supported equality. Saikaku’s Famous Novel In 1686, Ihara Saikaku published a book named Five Women Who Loved Love and shares the stories of five different women whose desire for love were considered unorthodox. The five women who are featured in the novel are Onatsu, Osen, Osan, Oshichi, and Oman. These were average folks who were so adamant to find love and pleasure. Onatsu, who as a young sixteen-year-old was shrewd when it came to love; Osen, a married woman accused of betrayal to her husband; Osan, a Kyoto native with a beauty one could not resist found herself sleeping in the wrong bed with a man she loved; Oshichi, a brave woman who would do anything to find her one true samurai love; and lastly Oman, a woman who found it challenging to earn the affection from her lover after being surrounded by several handsome boys. Merchant and Samurai Class The novel is based
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