Five-Year Career Development Plan

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Five-Year Career Development Plan

Introduction: Career development is a continuous process of handling proactively work and changes in life in order to move forward and reach the goals set for a better future. It involves learning new skills, moving up in the position within the organization or altogether moving to new organization or even starting up a new business. A career development plan is created to set goals and how to reach these goals using your talents and skills in the working world. A five year plan is ideal to start with, as five years are enough to reach bigger goals while working for and achieving smaller goals.

Career Goals and Objectives: My personal mission is to improve people’s lives through medicine and care
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(A Career Plan)

The 3 Action Steps:
The key to action planning is focused accountability. Just setting goals is not enough. (Tiffan, 2009)
1. To work in a team within the organization and thereby get a chance to learn from them and to learn more from my seniors. This will help me reach my goals of initial 2 years i.e. to know the workplace better and to learn from my and other’s experiences.
2. To effectively use my skills and knowledge to develop new and innovative ways to manage the hospital and its departments leading to betterment overall. This will help me to achieve my goals of furthermore 2 years i.e. to develop new and innovative systems.
3. To work in more challenging roles to prove my self-efficacy and efficiency. This will help me to achieve my 5th year final goal of getting promoted to higher level of administration.

Job satisfaction attributes and promotional opportunities:
Perceived organizational values are more important predictor of job satisfaction than personal values. (Kumar, 2012) Sometimes at workplace you need to let go your personal values to align yourself and adapt. I attribute job satisfaction to my advancement at work by the usage of my skills and knowledge, innovative working methods, good feedbacks, good salary and opportunities to promote myself.
Growth while working in an organization is very important. If people don’t know how much I contribute to the organization, my chances
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