Five -Year Plan Essay

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Five-Year Career Development Plan MGT/431 March 24, 2011 When developing a good five year career plan I had to ask myself where, I wanted to be in five years. This question would be critical for my future. When I was in school in thought, I knew my career path. I was convince I was going to become a nurse. As years past, I found myself moving away from nursing and interested in teaching. However, my transition would not be as smooth as once believed. According to Career vision, (2004), “for some people, the five year career plan may be a plan to prepare them for another job, for others it may be a plan to develop skills used in their current job. The five year plan is very much an individual plan, and is to be used solely…show more content…
I am repeatedly informing my older child of how important it is to go to college and obtain his degree. When I complete my studies I will be able to show him the journey was not easy but obtainable. Another goal for my five-year plan is to be debt free. While in college I have many student loans that I need to pay off. I want to completely pay off my student loan debt in five years or less. I believe this task can be accomplished if I stay to my budget plan. The benefits of paying the loans off early would help me with interest rates, and it will also help me increase my credit score, which will help me when it is time to open my husband and me restaurant. Promotional Opportunities Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree program, I will try to seek employment with my hospital human resources department as a generalist. I currently work with staffing and with a bachelor’s degree in management; I believe I would be ready to move up to a higher level. The transition from staffing to human resources I believe would be smooth, because I am familiar with the hiring process and I am also knowledgeable with dealing with outside staffing agencies. Career Management According to Career vision (2004), “Career management is the lifelong process of investing resources to achieve your career goals. Career management is not a singular event but a
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