Fixed Mindset Analysis

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1. Your Mindset:
a. Provide an event and/or an example in your life when you operated from a Fixed Mindset.
Usually during my exam preparations when I was younger, I was always stressed about my learning, thinking my memory has reached its peak and I couldn’t study any further even though there is something to study. This also occurs when I constantly got bad marks, which caused me to be depressed and thinking that there is no way to improve my fixed memory.
b. Provide an event and/or an example in your life when you operated from a Growth Mindset.
But when I am older, I take things in a more serious way. The more I get bad scores, the harder I will try in the future to get better. I also become less depressed and upset whenever I got bad
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In school, you can really struggle with grades and activities, so you can feel kind of sad and bitter when you don’t get the grades that you desired. This when you operated from a fixed mindset: you are insisted that you cannot improve and if you failed at something, you would give up. Switching to a Growth mindset can be helpful as it helps you learning new, important skills to help you later in your life and also tells you not to give up when you failed, which indicates that you should try harder to develop your own skills.
2. Respond to the following prompt by providing examples of a Growth and Fixed Mindset response: "Sam is a first-generation-to-college student whose career goal is to become an engineer. During high school Sam struggled in his math and science courses. Sam is currently in his freshman year and has completed the first 2 of 4 tests in science with grades of 50 and 60."
a. If Sam were operating from a fixed mindset he could respond by saying:
“It is decided. My learning ability has reached its peak, I cannot improve it any further as well as my score.”
b. If Sam were operating from a growth mindset he could respond by saying:
“I can get better next time. This is not the end, I have plenty of experience and chance to improve my learning and my
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