Fixed Mindset Definition

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Do students feel confident about themselves succeeding? Does it have to do with the type of mindset they have? I declare that students with a fixed mindset don’t believe in themselves for success but they believe to rather “care so much about how smart they will appear that they often reject learning opportunities ― even ones that are critical to their success” this is why I believe that students who believe this have a fixed mindset (Dweck 2). Besides a person who has a fixed mindset is to believe to look smarter than they actually are.
In a famous quote by Coco Chanel she states that “Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable” (Chanel). This could be telling us that if you haven’t failed you will never lean. A different person Eminem, tells us that, “I was a smart kid, but I hated school” (Eminem). From this we can see that even tho a student is smart he or she decides
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This could make the student feel like they don’t have to do anything in order to succeed. In Dweck's paper she states that, “ The children praised for their intelligence did not want to learn” (Dweck 3). They would rather go for an easier test and have outstanding grades. It can also be another reason why a student with a fixed mindset doesn’t believe in themselves to succeed. It is when you are exposed to trauma. In Aisha Sultan she describes that a boy had “...had suffered some traumas at home, which showed in his behavior at school” (Sultan). In other words this tells us that issues at home can reflect your actions at school. Sultan also states that very few students would be successful. “Seven would live in poverty, 11 would be non-white, 6 wouldn’t speak English as a first language, 6 wouldn't be reared by their biological parents, one will be homeless, and six would be victims of
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