Fixing Harry Potter

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The Astronomy Tower was the tallest point in all of the castle. It towered over everything, including the tall bristling pine trees that clustered together to make up the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid's hut was miniscule from this height, and the cool crisp wind blew violently as he stood at the very edge. He was barefoot, and his toes hung over dangerously as his hair continued to whip around him. It ruffled his Hogwarts robes as he tilted forward, and gazed down into the black abyss. His heart thumped so fast and loud that he could feel it in his ears, a strange throbbing took him over as he realized that he could do it. It would be so easy. It was a fool's way out, but it could be done. To be honest, fifteen-year-old Harry James Potter was…show more content…
His eyes fluttered closed, and a small smile spread across his face as he raised each of his fingers from the column, his balance wavering with the rush of the wind. His heart pounded harder and more fervent, his body aware of the danger, locking up, fear riling through him – such blissful fear that it made him feel suddenly alive. The pulsing in his body grew, and it was so loud and vibrating, and finally. Finally, Harry let go. As he began to fall away from the tower, his heels rocking backwards until the stone under his feet vanished, and then before the rising of his heart could reach a whole new crescendo someone's hand grabbed his wrist, and his emerald eyes snapped open. He was staring into fearful onyx eyes, the grip on his wrist and hand was tight. “Let me go,” Harry breathed as the wind kicked up ever harsher causing his long black hair to swirl around him. “Not on your life, Potter!” the dark silk voice growled. Severus Snape glared as he dipped down on one knee, holding the light weight wizard who had nearly fallen to his death, and with unseen strength, the man pulled the teen upwards, and back onto the stone tower. Once he had a good grasp, he used both hands to pull Harry into his chest. His own heart felt like it had stopped working as he clung to the young man, while trying to steady his own breath. Harry was still, not moving a muscle as his back pressed into the hard chest of a man who hated him so very much. Why? Harry moaned

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