Fladeboes The Band of the Future.

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The new Fladeboes factory will open up in Palmdale Ca. This location was selected because of its dry weather; it has low levels of precipitation, and is close enough to Los Angeles to be marketed in major city areas. Also, California has some of the major trade ports with China, so it would be very easy to step into the foreign market. As this product would be marketed primarily to old people, California has such a heavy population and a large part of that population consists or elderly people. Fladeboes would be marketed in stores starting in L.A. and continuing up the beachside coast into Hollywood and so forth. The land in Palmdale is quite cheap because of its dry climate, and thus would not cost as much to open a factory there. Also, due to the relatively low unemployment rate in California areas, it would be quite simple to find workers for the factory, as well as supervisors for the workers. In addition, there is a recent major push in California for people to be healthy, organic foods and exercise is a major motto of the Los Angeles people as well as the suburban areas outside the city. Therefore people would be interested in the product, as it could track their health on a daily basis and could be marketed in local health shops. The market in California for this product is huge, there is a common stereotype that most people in Los Angeles areas are well-to-do and could definitely afford the bracelet. Also, people in California seem to be wrapped up in fads, as well

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