Flakey's Office Analysis

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Flakey’s office is as large as you can imagine, lots of plaques and ribbons decorating the baby blue walls, with a large photo of the whitest Jesus ever painted. Carl thanked the man for taking the time out to visit us, without much hesitation Carl sets the box of promotional material on Flakey’s desk and began his questioning. Flakey, looking a little flustered, admitted that this was old promotional material used to recruit new people for the church, as they were looking for more numbers. I butt into the conversation, sort of like a good cop, bad cop type of scheme, and insisted that there are gift packages still being handed out, no return address. Flakey replied that the promotion ceased sending the paper bags of incense when he found out people were using the incense to get high, but people are still receiving them. The church thought they’d already put this fire out, but someone has been distributing these on the church’s behalf. The story gets interesting, as Flakey brings up Mr. Shufner, who unfortunately no longer works at the church. Carl’s eyes bug out, head leaning forward. I turn to look over to Carl realizing we have the same expression on our faces. He asks about what happened to Schufner, who was excommunicated from the church during a random outburst during one Sunday morning mass. Mr. Shufner was picked off the…show more content…
He distracted himself with kid cartoons to ease the pain of death. I put one hand on his shoulder and guided him to the dining room where we could take a seat. Carl was also insisting he was here for questioning, not to arrest him. We approach the dining table, which was covered in pizza boxes and more beer bottles, and ash try still fresh with smoked cigarette butts. The smell was starting to get to me, so I left the door wide open as possible to air it out. Robert apologized for the messy accommodations and we all sat down to
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