Flannery O ' Connor Is Considered One Of The Most Successful Writer

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Mary Flannery O’Connor is considered one of the most successful short story writers in history. She composed her works during a period of prosperity and economic boom following World War II. Although the economy was thriving, the 1950’s were a period of struggle for women’s rights, as well as other minorities. (Digital History) Based on her success, one could conclude O’Connor exceeded all barriers against women during the fifties. Flannery O’Connor’s life experiences based on her faith, her novels, and the time period of the 1950’s contribute to her unique writing style. Flannery O’Connor was born March 25, 1925, in Savannah, Georgia. O’Connor was born into a devout Catholic family. Throughout her childhood, Flannery O’Connor,…show more content…
When the disease worsened, she relocated to Milledgeville, Georgia, where her family aided her daily life. Although she battled the disease in the latter part of her life, the disease did not stop her from writing her stories. ("Flannery O 'Connor.") Religion was a recurring theme in her work, and the main characters of her first and second novels were preachers of sorts. O’Connor is best known for her short stories, specifically the book, A Good Man Is Hard To Find. This story uses the theme of sin. The grandmother makes it known that everyone is guilty of something, as she tells the Misfit that no person is without sin. This is an example of O’Connor using her faith within her writings. The grandmother also brings up praying to Jesus, when confronted by the Misfit, another Religious example in her work. O’Connor also uses the theme of family in many of her works. This is shown through A Good Man Is Hard to Find by showing the family’s relationship. Although the relationship was not tight-knit, the theme of family of is prevalent. The time in which the book was published, was a period of a baby boom in the United States. Approximately 4 million babies were born every year in the 1950s. This baby boom represented an era of growth and prosperity within the American people. “After World War II ended, many Americans were eager to have children because they were confident that the future held nothing but peace and

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