A Good Man Is Hard To Find By Flannery O Connor

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Flannery O’Connor’s background had a dramatic impact on her writing. Born in Savannah, Georgia, she utilized her familiarity with the region as a reference to implement a richly descriptive southern setting in her short stories. She was raised by devout Roman Catholics; her faith was deeply intertwined with the overall theme and character development in her writings. O’Connor portrays moments of grace for her main characters at a time of utter shock and devastation. In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, the grandmother is enlightened when a mass murderer’s gun is pointing at her. In “Good Country People”, Hulga’s salvation comes when Manley Pointer, a con artist, steals her artificial leg and glasses. In these traumatic events, Flannery…show more content…
As a gesture of love, acceptance, and forgiveness, the grandmother goes to touch the Misfit; he, however, shoots her dead. The Misfit is aware that “grace worked through him to strengthen the woman’s faith” (108). This scene defines the moment of grace in the grandmother’s life as she was able to fill her conscious with compassion by viewing him as one of her own children. An interesting remark is that the Misfit In the midst of such heartbreak and violence, the grandmother was able to feel love and sympathy towards the criminal. O’Connor emphasizes the dramatic transformation of the grandma in traumatic times from selfish and manipulative to benevolent and warmhearted. In regards to O’Connor’s Good Country People, the protagonist Hulga also experiences a moment of enlightenment during a dreadful experience. Physically, Hulga has very poor health; she has a heart condition, a missing leg, and diminished eyesight. Intellectually, Hulga has an extensive erudition and has earned a doctoral degree in philosophy. Through her life experiences and study, she became an Atheist. Her interactions with others around her are always riddled with exasperation and condescension because she believes she is smarter and not led blindly by religion. This arrogance is the reason she falls victim to Manley Pointer. Pointer was a seemingly harmless Bible
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