Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Raymond Carver's The Cathedral

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Flannery O’Connor and Raymond Carver wrote the short stories, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “The Cathedral,” which both showcase personas of conflictedness in two different time frames. Although one can draw many interpretations from these two stories, written in 1953 and 1983, respectively, one might refute many impracticalities associated with the nostalgic state of many of these characters, who possess characteristics that would be considered archaic and imbecilic. Racists and discriminatory viewpoints circumnavigate the minds of several characters, who can’t seem to come to terms with modern ideologues. The prevailing tendencies of these characters could very possibly cause some anguish to the readers, who would struggle to make…show more content…
A car then stops, and three men come out with guns, one of which is believed to be the misfit. The misfit scares the grandmother and urges Bailey’s wife to make the children sit down. The grandmother can only think about herself, and selfishly asks the misfit if he’d ever kill and old lady. She starts to suck up to the misfit by claiming that he’s a good man and comes from good people. A “good man,” by her definition, is one whose values align with her own. He’s apparently good, because by her reasoning, he wouldn’t shoot a lady. The misfit begins to praise his parents and when she questions whether he prays, two gunshots cease the life of her husband and John Wesley. The grandmother doesn’t seem too concerned about the gunshots and urges the misfit to pray. Throughout the conversation, as the Misfit reflects on his life, he explains how he went to jail for killing his father. The grandmother wants him to pray, but the Misfit believes he’s fine without prayer. The misfit’s co-conspirators eventually kill off everyone except the grandmother. What the grandmother fails to realize, is that this whole situation could’ve been avoided if she didn’t ignorantly point out the misfit originally. The misfit expresses his doubts of Jesus and he quickly becomes angry. The misfit claims that life has no pleasure, the grandmother reaches out to him and claims he’s one of her children. The misfit then shoots the

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