Flashbacks : Nightmares During Pregnancy Essay

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Nightmares During Pregnancy By:- Aditi Kapoor Its true that during pregnancy or shorty after they’ve given birth dream perception of the people changes. But have you wondered why this happens? (Of course, We’re talking to the women in this post, but you men can feel free to read along and learn something as well). Many women complaints that they encounter dreams about miscarriages or some miss happening to their baby, not only dreams related to the pregnancy but themselves too or about family or anything related to them. During this period of time many women also encounter problems of hallucinations. This post will hopefully help you to understand why people have nightmares during early pregnancy (And even later) and what you can do about it, or what you can do to relieve some of the vividness and ‘scariness’ of it all, to make your experience more enjoyable. After all, no one REALLY wants to wake up at 3 in the morning sweating after a vivid nightmare, do they. We’ll explain a little bit about these types of dreams and then at the end of the post we’ll give some tips and tricks regarding what you can do to stop having these nightmares. Some nightmares during pregnancy will be unavoidable, but you can certainly reduce the number of bad dreams you have. Okay, so let’s look at what happens during pregnancy and why it could affect your dreams in a negative way.. Types of dreams As we are talking about the nightmare stuff, so lets start with the the types of most common

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