Flat Tax Reform : A Call

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Flat Tax Reform: A Call to Action “I love paying my income tax! This tax system is so easy to understand!” said no United States citizen, ever. No one has ever said this because it is highly unlikely that no one actually enjoys struggling with the complexity of the current income tax system in the United States. The concept of contributing to the good of the community, county, state, and nation through taxation is not new, nor is it generally opposed by American citizens. Most tax paying citizens do not take issue with paying for police and fire protection, roads, and national security with tax dollars. However, what they do take issue with is the fact that the current tax code is a complicated nightmare. It is a bureaucratic mess of rules, regulations, and perhaps even infringements upon personal rights. Because of the complexity of the current tax code, the United States should implement a flat tax system for personal and corporate income tax to ensure consistent and fair taxation and to render the tax code as more user-friendly. The United States tax code is a misnomer. It is not a code; it is a law. This law mandates that both individuals as well as corporations, who live, work and earn income in the United States pay tax on money earned while working. Because paying taxes is a law, it is illegal to not pay income taxes that are due each year or each quarter to the Federal Government. In fact, monetary penalties, seizure of property, levying a bank account, or

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