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Not being involved with any outsourcing business, I experience the flatness of the world through online communities, media streaming, file and information sharing, e-mails and chatting, etc. Through social networking websites like Friendster, I can stay in touch with my distant friends and relatives. Instead of going to a mall, I can actually stay at home and shop online from anywhere around the world. And as a student who is usually bombarded with a lot of research work, I rely on search engines like Google and Yahoo, and on online encyclopedias, dictionaries and news articles. I don’t need to buy books or go through the hassle of searching books in a library and checking them out one by one for information and pictures anymore. Likewise, …show more content…
The outsourcing market in Asia Pacific grew substantially in 2007. Although the number of contracts signed in 2007 grew by just over four per cent, their total contract value increased 30 per cent year over year from $9.9 billion to $12.8 billion and annualized revenues showed a 13 per cent increase, nearly double that of global average . The outsourcing performance in the Asia Pacific region is becoming stronger.

When people first invested in the Asia-Pacific region, they would have viewed Japan and Australia as the buffers for volatility of the emerging markets. Now, they view this region as more than just Japan and Australia. Other countries, which are previously regarded as economic laggards, now rise up competing as e-services hubs. This is definitely going to be the Asia-Pacific century.

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