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In this paper the five schools’ practices as listed in The Flat World of Education are identified and prioritized according to the needs of the my school. The practices are defined in relation to their proven successes and related to my school’s immediate concerns. Solutions to each need are provided along with practical steps toward their implementations. Though each area is listed as a separate practice, they overlap one another and share the underlying need of smaller class sizes and high expectations on curriculum, assessments and professionalism.

Darling-Hammond's Five Schools' Practices for Success as listed in The Flat World and Education In her book The Flat World and Education, Linda Darlington-Hammond discusses
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There is more accountability towards performance and behavior when teachers know all of the students personally. Students feel safer, have a positive attitude toward school and learning, participate in their learning environment and achieve higher than students in an overcrowded environment (Darling-Hammond, 2010, p. 245).
I see an increase in our numbers as we feel the crunch of financial pressures. We have more support personnel on staff that my principal refuses to sacrifice, so we have to meet the bills somewhere. In our case, it means we are increasing our class size. The issues are more evident in the 1st grades and in the fifth grades. Since our reputation has become public, our kindergarten classes have become maxed to capacity with a large waiting list. These classes are moving from their two-teacher classes to our single-teacher first grade rooms. The teachers feel the impact of having a full load. They have high expectations on their students, as anyone who sees the writing and skills produced would agree, and they have to work even harder to get the results they want from each child. Also, we are short one teacher in the fifth grade for the large group of upcoming 4th graders. This means one teacher will be self-contained, and all of the fifth grade teachers will have a full load of students. As mentioned earlier, this will only exacerbate the issue of negative teacher-student relationships.

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