Flaubert's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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I am still attempting to completely grasp Flaubert’s reasoning for making Emma Bovary so unrelatable and unlikeable. With the unfortunate last portion of her life it might have been reasonable to guess it would be enjoyable for the reader to observe such a horrendous demsie for the unlikable protagonist. However I doubt this because she leaves behind Charles. He is a character the reader feels, at the very least, sympathy for and at the very most can relate to from their own relationships. Because Emma leaves him behind observing her demise is bittersweet for the reader as they can imagine Charles’s sadness. Watching such a terrible person get her just deserts also brings with it the sad experience for the reader of seeing how terribly Emma’s…show more content…
Someone who had such a terrible childhood and a difficult existence was sure to have an interesting outlook on life, and therefore an interesting literary perspective. To be brutally honest I feel like Cat On a Hot Tin Roof has gotten off to a slow start, however it is a classic and I have high hopes for the rest of the story. I feel as if the setup of the family gathering is not terribly interesting, right now, but may make for interesting revelations and conflict in the future. The death of Skipper has not really drawn me in, since I know very little about this character and his largest impact seems to be on Brick, a character I do not care for. He sort of just mopes around, understandable after the loss of a friend, but this does not seem to be new behavior. His actions also make him unlikable in contrast to Maggie, who very clearly is the one putting effort into the relationship. One insight I gained from our class discussion was that Brick may have been gay and in a relationship with Skipper. This would make Brick’s actions more understandable and ,in my eyes, would make him less of an unlikable mope and more of a tortured soul. I think the nature of their friendship/relationship will come into the spotlight later in the play as I was interested just hearing of the potential theory and it could serve to clear a lot of

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