Flavanones From The Wood Of Morus Nigra With Cytotoxic Activity

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FLAVANONES FROM THE WOOD OF Morus Nigra WITH CYTOTOXIC ACTIVITY FERLINAHAYATI A,*, YANA MAOLANA SYAH B , LIA DEWI JULIAWATY B, EUIS HOLISOTAN HAKIM B a Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Sriwijaya Jalan Raya Palembang Prabumulih Km 32, Ogan Ilir, South Sumatera, Indonesia 30622 b Natural Product Research Group, Department of Chemistry, Institut Teknologi Bandung Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung, Indonesia 40132 * Corresponding author, tel/fax : 0711-580269 email: etihayati74@yahoo.com ABSTRACT Two flavanone derivatives, norartocarpanone (1) and euchrenone a7 (2) had been isolated for the first time from the methanol extract of the wood of Morus nigra.The structure of these compounds were determined base on spectral evidence, including UV, IR, and NMR. The first compound also confirmed by comparison with the reported data. Cytotoxic properties of these compounds were evaluated against murine leukemia P-388 cells. Euchrenone a7 (2) was found more cytotoxic than norartocarpanone (1) with their IC50 7.8 and 12.7 g/mL respectively. Keywords: norartocarpanone, euchrenone a7, Morus nigra, cytotoxic ABSTRAK Dua senyawa flavanon yaitu norartokarpanon (1) dan eukrenon a7 (2) telah berhasil diisolasi untuk pertama kali dari ekstrak metanol kayu batang Morus nigra. Struktur senyawa tersebut ditetapkan dengan cara-cara spektroskopi yang meliputi spektrum UV, IR dan NMR. Senyawa norartokarpanon (1) juga dikonfirmasi dengan

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