Flavian Amphitheatre

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Good Evening! I am Amias, a merchant living in Subura, Rome. Today, I’m going to the Flavian Amphitheatre, also known as the Colosseum. The word amphitheatre means an open-air venue used for entertainment, performances, and sports. The Colosseum is known as one of the biggest entertainment center for the people of Rome. My friend wanted me to go meet him before we go watch the match together. I am very excited and left the house very shortly. While I was walking to see my friend at his house, I saw a patrician shouting at a slave. Patricians were the upper class people, who owns land. While, the slaves were people that are bought to do labor work, and they do not have any rights. There are also a class known as the plebeians, which includes…show more content…
We are very happy and excited to meet each other. The quality of life during the Roman Empire was very good for most people. It was the time during Pax Romana, where everything is peaceful and people were enjoying their life. Soon, my friend and I reached the Colosseum and heard people screaming and shouting. We saw many people, estimated to be around 30,000. Also, we saw many gladiators in the battle arena. The gladiators in the Colosseum were mostly slaves, and they are forced to fight. Sometimes, the group of gladiators will fight with each other, or even with wild animals. These people doesn’t have many rights, and their quality of life is very bad. The group of people with the most rights and the best quality of life were the patricians. It was late that night, when the match ended and resulted in many casualties. I was very sad to see many people died, but my friend told me that the slaves had done something very bad. The Colosseum was also used as a place for public executions. My friend and I said farewell to each other before leaving the Colosseum. I walked all the way back home thinking about how wealth can change the quality of life for a person. Sadly waiting for tomorrow, where I get to spend my life trading
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