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Best Guidelines for Flawless Photography of Small-sized Products
Small products are required to generate a lasting impact on purchasers, so graphical merchandising and competent photography skills are critical. A thoughtful display unit can be supportive in boosting product photography in your store and position your small valuables prominently in an exhibition setup. Precisely clicked images can grab potential buyer’s attention and enhance your business brand identity. Here are great tips on preparing DIY jewel display and small-product photography pop that you can employ to make photographing of small items simpler.
Tips for Photography of Small-sized products
1. Utilize natural light as efficiently as possible
Try shooting your products
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If you photograph products by holding the camera in your hands, then it is possible that your camera might slightly shake while photographing, and resultantly your photos will appear blurred.
4. Allow macro mode for highlighting product details
Macro Mode boosts camera’s ability to emphasize at a short distance accentuating specific product details. Enable macro mode while clicking photos of objects placed close to the camera’s lens, approximately between 4 to 12 inches. In case you are photographing a product that is placed more than 12 to 14 inches away from the camera then make sure to disable the macro mode, otherwise your photos will be unclear.
5. Experiment clicking photos with various backgrounds
You may experiment with different background textures for your product photos as per you brand aesthetic. Some excellent natural backgrounds are wood grain, sand, pebbles, stone, grass, seashells, and branches. Vintage and unique items can be highly supportive for photo staging. Some options include vintage books, sheet fabrics, embroidery hoops, ceramic plates, and more. You can think about your own unique yet creative idea of photo staging different types of
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