Flaws In Public School

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Public school has its flaws, but it has it’s substances as well. I remember when I was a freshman, my favorite Language 101 teacher, Ms. Harold would say, “ Tall people are meant to be leaders and should obtain a speaker's voice to lead someday.” I usually would develop a grimace because I could never see me becoming a leader. Now that I’m a senior, I’ve come to understand what she meant. I remember exactly how Monday took place because this is when death, destruction, and the government came knocking at everyone’s door. Since the government was becoming careless with public school funding we had the same teachers since the beginning of highschool. I woke up for school, and noticed that it was raining. Everyone in my house was…show more content…
We both got down on our knees at our beds and began to say the verse out loud. All I remember was saying, “God is……” and suddenly a large BOOM! came afterwards.
The entire room was on fire. At that moment, I knew my mother was dead. I went back into time to remember the very essence of her and could hear her saying, “Jimm….Jimm...take care of her.” My state of mind quickly recovered. I rummaged around what was left of my room screaming , “SAMANTHA, SAMANTHA, WHERE ARE YOU!” While I was searching for Sam, from behind me I could feel a cold, dark spirit which turned out to be a tall man, geared in all black clothing with some type of electronic gun pointed in my face. I screamed, and the tall figure began to laugh. He pursued to capture me, but I moved quickly to right near my desk.
He screamed out loud, “COME ON BOY, THERE IS NO TIME FOR GAMES, I'M ONLY DOING MY JOB.” While I sat down on the ground paralyzed staring at him, I saw my sister from a distance, slowly moving up behind the tall man. My eye contact with her brought his attention to her, he turned and
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The black figure began to growl, “Put the bag down little girl, or face the government's fury.”
She threw the bag over to me, and I put it around my body. “I love you Jimmy,” Sam said while tearing up. She reached for a bat near the closet, the man cocked the gun and shot her in the stomach. “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” I screamed with intense pain and hate for the man, but still paralyzed in the same exact place. He grabbed my wrist before I could stand up and get to my sister who laid lifeless on the maroon carpet. I tried to defend myself, but I didn’t stand a chance due to me being so scrawny compared to the man. Everything happened so quickly, he pulled out a purple cloth and poured some type of liquid on it. “Night, Night boy,” the tall man said while laughing. He gassed me, while I was unconscious I could feel my spirit floating in a dark place around the word The Lost
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