Flaws Of The Islamic Religion

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Flaws In The Islamic Religion By Kyle Lindsey

Apologetics, Mr. Sweis
July 2015
Part 1: Thesis In 1900, the world was made up of 12.3 % Muslims. In 2010, The number rose to 22.5% making Islam the fastest growing religion in the entire world, exceeding even the growth rate of Christianity. The American Muslim Council has estimated that there are 2,000 mosques and Islamic community centers in the United States. More than 80% percent have been built in the past 12 years.
Is it possible then that Islam, such an attractive and fast growing religion, can be completely flawed? Yes, the religion of Islam is filled with historical, scientific, and most importantly spiritual flaws. Answering this question is important because people are becoming more and more blind to the truth of the Christian religion by the rapid growth of Islam. Outlining the flaws of Islam also helps to bring out the accuracy of the Christian religion.
How is it possible that Islam, the fastest growing religion, is so full of errors? Islam is growing so rapidly because many of its followers are unaware of the extent of its corruption, and many of its followers are equally unaware of how many errors can be found throughout the Quran. One way to show people the flaws in Islam is by slowly picking it apart and in so doing, the person is able to more clearly see the errors and parts of the Quran that do not match up with facts of history and
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