Fleclosure Research Paper

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Closure can be defined as a way of coming to terms with something that has happened. A certain something that can be seen as torturous, taunting, and sometimes even deadly. As a therapist, I have patients every day who are in search of anything that comes close to healing their wounds. Even though it may seem simple to someone looking at the situation from the outside, it is the complete opposite for a victim on the inside. Recently, I had a patient who has altered my whole mindset on closure and how valuable life can be. Names will not be provided. She suffered the traumatic experience of being raped and watching her husband be murdered right in front of her. Not only does she live to tell the story, she lived to go through the trauma of it afterwards. The impact this situation had on her life has altered every single point of view she has. When she came to me, all she wanted was a way to get through it all. She kept asking me to give her an estimated time of how long it will take her to recover from the pain and suffering. I always answered with “You need to find closure. Something that will repair and begin to heal the wound. It will never go away, but you must learn to live it.”…show more content…
She was not the same person from the first session. She looked determined and strong. I asked her what she felt and what she was set to do now that she began to find her closure. She replied, “I forgive this man. If I don’t, I will never stop hating him and what he did. I won’t be able to move on. He did not answer my questions and I still don’t know why he did what he did or what caused him to choose us. I don’t even want to know anymore… for what? It will only make me go crazy. Before, I was simply surviving with the fact that this terrible thing happened to me. Now, I am learning to live with it. I am on a journey towards my recovery. I will heal the wounds that have been made on me, and I will be stronger than
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