Fleeing Terror, Finding Refuge By Paul Salopek

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People all over the world have been asking themselves if it is right for their country to let in refugees from Syria. It is a question everybody fears from answering because of the consequences it may take. Several states in America have denied the entry because of security reasons and the over population. Even if there are several countries still refusing Syrians there are a few who are accepting them. Looking at some articles, I’ve seen differential opinions and one must read and understand why Syria refugees need a chance to be rescued from all the chaos and horror they’ve been through.
The article Fleeing Terror, Finding Refuge by Paul Salopek; reflects more on Salopek interviewing or meeting people who are refugees and what has happened while fleeing from Syria. In Turkey, Syrian, Salopek mentions how the refugees are escaping from the Islamic State, whom are destroying cities and killing innocent people. Refugees would leave in cars, delivery vans, or even pickup trucks so they can get to the border, but when arriving to the border Turks would not allow certain vehicles to pass so they would take them away
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Situation such as people being assassinated, and families being treated as a form of racism like if they don't have a purpose in this world. This article states that Syrian people are like any other race. All they want is to be successful and live a normal life. Australian government s doing such a fair decision in accepting Syrians and immigrants and finding them a job and let them have the freedom they deserve. In my opinion, Syria is one of the main worst war zones and the population of Syrians is increasing. Australia and Turkey are some of the countries who are making Syrian refugees legal and this article just emphasis that the Syrian population just want to be free and get out of the war, slave zone they live
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