Fleet Truck Maintainenace Database Paper

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Fleet Truck Maintainenace Database Paper Its mind numbing to reflect the amount of technical change that has taken place in only a short period of time. In this current age, innovation has opened doors to a wide capacity for data collection and management. An example is the amount of business use with Microsoft Access. Businesses have gained from Access’s technical capabilities by using it to offer a wide range of ways to add value and efficient to any facility. Today we use Access databases to organize the way we live and work. This software is very technical savvy and uses tables, fields and records to organize company data and ultimately to speed up solving any business problems or inquires. Team B has developed a Microsoft Access…show more content…
In addition, the database will also help Huffman in financial controls by using fleet history to monitor repairs, parts cost, labor, and operating costs, track vendors, fuel, drivers, and more. A database for fleet truck maintenance will enable the company to assemble forms interconnected to specific request, retrieve all records that match certain criteria, update records in bulk, cross-reference records in different tables, and perform complex calculations. Through these functions you can easily see how Huffman will immediately begin to benefit from the advantages of this database system. Creating such a database is free to the organization, unless they decide to hire vendors or other database analyst to maintain and control the system. What will this database accomplish? Creating a database for Fleet Truck Maintenance will organize the way Huffman does business. Team B knew that creating a database would be helpful to the company, but had to really ask themselves what this database would accomplish. Ultimately, creating this database will accomplish documenting consistencies in frequencies, amounts, driver history, and accomplish measuring growth in revenue and profitability. The primary goal of this database is to drive, cultivate, and measure the effectiveness of maintenance in the Huffman business and that’s exactly what it is doing. Maintenance is the best indicator of success or failure in any

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