Flexibility in Supply Chain Management

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SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT TERM PAPER ON FLEXIBILITY IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Submitted by Ashish ROLL NO. 142 SEC-A MBA (IB) - 2009-11 Flexibility in supply chain management Objective of this paper: To show the flexibility in Supply chain management. Flexibility is considered to be an important differentiator in the current market place as well as in the supply chain management. The need for flexibility in SCM and also the little attention is paid to how operational activities incorporate flexibility in their supply chain practices. In this term paper, emphasis is put on the buyer-supplier relationship, marketing activities and manufacturing in order to achieve flexibility in supply chain management. These…show more content…
Strategic partnerships between parties arose and the shift from a technology oriented view to an integrated approach becomes necessary in which trust and commitment became important. This ‘trust-‘oriented view of companies include several characteristics: • Improve efficiency across the supply chain: manufactures exploit supplier strengths and technology in support of new product development. • Understanding of critical functions of firm’s own activities affecting the entire value chain of the company. Currently, the effectiveness of the supply chain depends on the integration of several activities within the entire chain. A higher level of integration with suppliers and customers in the supply chain is expected to result in a more effective competitive advantage. Therefore, supply chain management is now considered to be about the integration and management of key business processes across the supply chain, from product design to final delivery and from customers to suppliers through service providers and strategic partners. Flexibility in supply chains High speed and low cost supply chains have been important drivers for companies. Depending on the market the firm is in, these supply chains work perfectly in steady conditions since the entire supply chain is focused on economies of scale, delivering quick

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