Flexible Resourcing Is A Model Used By Firms

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Flexible resourcing is a model used by firms when they are dealing with dilemmas with staff contingency issues. There are many issues, such as, maternity leave, illness, family problems, and holidays or simply to change management. These can lead to staff shortages; and therefore companies need to find additional workforce. Organisations deploy lawyers as independent consultant and offer them to clients for projects and an ‘on demand’ basis. With the business world changing dramatically companies are looking for different recruitment strategies; it is important for firms to therefore look for skilled staff, with experience, that are well trained so that they fit in easily with the company and work well with the existing employees. The business may also look to keeping this person on, so it is crucial to find someone good for the job. This is why firms are always looking for strategic resourcing solutions that not only meet their staffing needs, but also to keep their costs down as much as possible. The idea of a ‘flexible firm’ refers to the idea that employers are increasingly segmenting their workers between a permanent core of full-time employees, and a segment of part-time, temporary, or outsourced workers. The core provides `functional flexibility ', while the part time employees provide flexibility with the numbers in the firm. (Pollert, 1988)

A contract of employment is an agreement between the employee and employer; most employment contracts do not need to be in…
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