Flexible work timings Essay

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Activity 1
List the types of meetings that might be held in business situations.
Meetings help to solve a lot of problems and issues at hand, faced by a business organization. The types of meeting that might be held in a business situation are: face-to-face, teleconference, video conference, annual general meeting, board meetings, staff meetings, union meetings and health and safety meetings.
List at least 3 advantages of conducting a formal meeting in a workplace.
Meetings purpose to enhance the qualities and services of a business organization. It is very important to pre define the purpose of a meeting and accordingly note down the mojor points of discussion in the meeting. A formal meeting has the following advantages:
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An emergency meeting to discuss an important issue.
Strategies to inform participants about the meeting: Email or Microsoft Outlook
Timeframe: An hour before the commencement of the meeting if possible.

Activity 9
Why is it a good idea to prepare a extra sets of meeting papers?
We should make extra sets of copies of the meeting papers as it would have a bad reflection of self if we ran out of paper. It also reflects that the holder of the meeting is prepared. Also, and extra set should be maintained in the computer and your email. Just in case you misplace your document there are chances of retaining them. Extra set is always beneficial and saves time and stress.

Activity 10
Why is it important to take accurate minutes of a meeting without recording the conversation verbatim?
It is important to take accurate minutes of a meeting for the following reasons:
a. it provides a transcript of the meeting.
b. People can review what they said and what they are committed to.
c. Any disputes arising from meeting can in most cases be solved from the minutes of the meeting.
d. People are more accountable if they are aware that somebody is documenting the outcomes of the meeting.

Activity 11
Provide an example for each of the following items that should be recorded in minutes of a meeting:
Issues for discussion.
Issues for discussion at the meeting: The reasons for why the production has practically gone down in this month.
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