Flies And Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, and The Simpsons “Das Bus” episode, the parody of the novel, both showcase the fierce battle between nature and the children. The reader discloses who leads and who breaks through the harsh environment alive. These stories can compare in numerous ways, but also differ in many ways so that The Simpsons fans find it comical. Lord of the Flies has a much more serious tone, while The Simpsons episode tries to add a bit of a twist that makes it’s humorful to its audience. Many of the characters in The Simpsons resemble the ones in Lord of the Flies, which makes the two “Lord of the Flies”, very easy to compare and contrast. Lord of the Flies and The Simpsons both compare and contrast Bart and Ralph, how they keep everyone in control, and also how they become savages.
Every story has a protagonist, these characters are the ones the lead and keep everyone in control. They give the other little characters someone to follow and guide them through whatever journey they are going through. These two characters are Bart Simpson and Ralph from Lord of the Flies. Bart and Ralph are very alike in both of these stories. When the kids get to the island one of the first things that both of the boys grab is the conch. This immediately represents leadership and communication. Both boys use the conch to get everyone’s attention and to call meetings. Instantly Ralph and Bart are looked at as the leader of their groups. Another comparison between them is towards the end of their times spent at the island there are people who rebel and want to kill the two great leaders. Both Bart and Ralph start off as the people to follow and quickly become the kids to kill because of the few mistakes they made as leaders. The Simpsons episode is considered comical to it’s viewers. It is not supposed to be a serious tone like Lord of the Flies. This is why the groups of kids both have different ways of handling things and keeping things in order. In the episode “Das Bus”, Nelson portrays Jack, Lisa portrays Simon, the two twins portray Sam and Eric, and Milhouse portrays Piggy. When Milhouse is charged for getting them stuck on this island, it is proposed that they have a court session to

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