Flight 441 Research Paper

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Seventh on my list is the Tudor Star Tiger which left Santa Maria Azores Airport on January 30, 1948 with 25 passengers aboard the British Airliner. The radio operator received coordinates from the plane and it was agreed the time of arrival should be about 5 AM. The operator was never able to regain radio contact with the Tudor Star Tiger and 20 minutes before the plane was scheduled to land a state of emergency was declared. Many hours after 5 AM the plane had still not arrived or made contact. A fleet of 26 aircraft searched for 5 days but could not find any trace of the Tudor Star Tiger. It simply vanished and no one know where it went. This story about the Triangle definitely sounds creepy. I feel bad for all those people who disappeared.…show more content…
It was a huge US military owned aircraft which was one of the most successful models of all time. On the day that it disappeared it had 42 passengers aboard all naval officers and their families. It was only 400 miles from the coast inside the Bermuda Triangle when it just vanished becoming one of the most mysterious disappearances on my list. An investigation occurred that included the plane, weather and pilot capabilities but nothing was found that could answer why the plane had suddenly disappeared into thin air so to speak. The planes cargo had life rafts which if and when the plane crashed should have floated. The rafts would have been fairly noticeable and quite easy to find but they were never found as well as the rest of the plane or bodies. There was not even an SOS sent out. Tenth on my list was the first Piper-PA aircraft to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle and it did so on June 20, 2005. As you can tell by the date this is a more recent disappearance. It disappeared between Treasure Cay Island of the Bahamas and Fort Pierce in Florida with 3 people aboard. There was another incident which happened on April 10 2007 (the same type of plane) it vanished with only the pilot
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