Flight 562 Essay

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Flight 562

On Saturdays, I would usually get up, eat breakfast, brush my teeth and get dressed to go out. But that Saturday was different. That Saturday I had to go visit my uncle in New Zealand. I had purposely been ignoring my uncle since the 4th grade when he bought me an ugly christmas sweater and forced me to wear it. That whole day I got obnoxious laughs by everyone. But I was 18 and that was years ago.

I was staying in New Zealand for about 2 or 3 weeks. Me obviously being a girl, I brought 2 fully packed luggages with extra things I might need. But I knew the flight would get boring and I would be seated next to a loud little boy who doesn't stop crying. So I took my laptop filled with movies and my phone filled with games,
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He was carrying a Canon, with those big professional lenses. I wonder if he actually liked taking pictures or just wore it like a fashion statement.

I assumed he had some sort of walking problem since he was in a wheel chair, so a flight attendant had to help him sit down. Sure enough he was sitting right next to me, seat 18B. He looked at me and smiled. "I'm Andrew, but you can call me Andy." He said while gesturing his hand forward for a friendly hand shake.

"I'm Elizabeth." I said while shaking his soft hands. After a few minutes of awkward silence he suggested we play 20 questions to pass time. Since it as a 18 hour flight and I didn't know him well I agreed to play.

I learned that he indeed does like photography and is not just a fashion statement, he also loves the movie Superman, his favorite food is pizza- funny thats mine too- and his favorite color is green like the military. Andy also loved to ready and his favorite book series was the extraordinary Harry Potter.

"What's wrong with your legs?" I asked and immediately felt guilty about it.

"I have a rare leg cancer and its eating me away slowly but surely." He said with pain in his eyes.

"Cant you get like chemotherapy done?" i asked with a look filled with wonder and curiosity.

"I could, but it was going to be really hard and excruciating pain. So I turned it down."

"Why would you do that?!" I exclaimed.
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