Flight Attendants : A Every Day For Five Days Every Week

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Being stuck in a cubical every day for five days every week is not exactly the definition of a fun job. Traveling the world and seeing a new place every week is. Most people dream of doing that but they do not have the time or the money for it. How about a job that pays people to travel? Yes, flight attendants. Flight attendants career is a growing one because it not only has a flexible schedule, but also pays handsomely for the person to travel and discover the world. This career has come a long way. Flight attendants are mostly women and they have not been treated fairly over the years. The selection process was not always on their side and had many issues with gender discrimination and sexism. Nowadays, almost a 100 years since the career was established, many laws have been issued to support woman and give them equal rights, making flight attendants’ job selection a fair one for both men and women.
The first flight attendant’s name was Ellen Church. She was born in 1904 in Cresco, Iowa. Church was both a pilot and a registered nurse. She applied to be a pilot for an airline. But since she was a woman, she did not stand a chance, but was determined to get a job. She suggested that since she was a registered nurse, she should be on board of the aircrafts taking care of people during flights. Steve Stimpson, the manager of the San Francisco office of Boeing Air Transport (BAT), took that into consideration. On May 15, 1930, Church was hired and made her first flight as a

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