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Flight Centre founded by Graham Turner in 1981. Flight Centres vision is ‘To be the world’s most exciting travel company, delivering an amazing experience to our people customers and partners. Well haven’t they achieved this, having won market global market share.
Is an extremely successful company considering he started out with just one bus. In Australia alone Flight Centre has 1152 business units. These cover holidays, cruises, rail and flights.
Turner was quite innovative in his management shown through Turner his idea to focus on his profits being driven by ‘volume rather than margins.
Flight Centre has established and bought different brands now consisting of more than thirty to cater to different levels of customer.
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Perhaps to buy out any competition to ensure he had the majority market share??
To try and crush any other competitor, Flight Centre had a Price Beat Policy. This means that if a customer could find a cheaper airfare, Flight Centre would beat it by one dollar and also give the customer a twenty-dollar gift voucher. (Flight Centre are now being investigated for price fixing regarding this. Should include??)

The company employs more then 15000 employees, and has been judged successful of the ‘best employer to work for in Australia’ award by the Hewitt Associates. This is just one award one out of many of travel awards won.
The companies philosophy supports this through stating ‘our company is our people. Flight Centre not only care about their staffs health and wellbeing, but also their professionally and financially. (How does their management style support??)
The company management style supports the staff through giving opportunities to share in the companies success. This is done through outcome-based incentives, profit share, franchises and Employer Share Schemes. This is simply judged on KPI’s . ‘What gets rewarded gets done’. (what sort of management style/theory is this??)
Flight Centre have worked on setting up not just a team dynamic but family atmosphere to aid creating a supportive working environment.
Flight Centre focuses on their customers

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