Flight Essay

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Essay on "Flight" 	It is always hard to get separated from someone you love and with whom you have shared every moment of his life until he decides to walk on a different path than yours. You don't know how to react and confusion dominates your mind. Should you be angry at him for leaving you, or should you support and respect his decision ? In her essay "Flight," Doris Lessing illustrates the story of an old man who is learning to let go his granddaughter as she grows into an adult and is about to get married. Lessing wisely delivers this particular old man's situation to her readers through her use of literary techniques and devices. Thus, she greatly succeeded at making her readers feel and live the…show more content…
But she never looked around." The author also questions her readers to make him feel present in the story, preserving her story unpredictable : "A present for her ?" 	Nevertheless, the dialogue and the punctuation is also cleverly used to illustrate the old man's emotions. His first conversation with Lisa clearly exhibits his anger towards the fact that she's seeing the postmaster's son and he expresses it through a furious tone of voice and the repetition of " hey " : " " Hey ! he shouted (...) Waiting for Steven, hey (..) Think you're old enough to go courting, hey ? (...) Think you want to leave home, hey ? " Consequently, he feels left a part, and desperately tries to get help from his daughter in a panicking voice : " "Lucy," he said urgently, "Lucy..." " However, when he notices that his daughter approves Lisa's involvement with the postmaster's son, confusion and frustration strike his mind : " "Why do you make your girls marry ? It's you who do it. What do you do it for ? Why ? " " We can feel how touch he is when he acknowledges that his daughter is going to get married, and that he cannot do anything about it. 	Nonetheless, it would be reasonable to say that the simile and symbolism are predominant throughout
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