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A well-known filmmaker Robert Zemeckis got a reputation as a state of the art filmmaker in 1985 when he directed the comedic time travel “Back to The Future” film series. He went on to make Academy Award movies such as ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Forest Gump” (June 3, 2011). “Flight” stars a well-rounded acting veteran Denzel Washington. Washington plays a flight captain, Whip Whittaker, who is at the difficult time in his life battling drug and alcohol addiction as a flight captain. He becomes a hero and has to make a decision that can change his life. After reviewing the movie we can determine the reason for him becoming a hero, the "real" Whip, and my final review of the film.

In the movie “Flight”, the major character Denzel
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This event leads us to determine the "real" whip underneath the disguise.

The major character in this film shows the everyday struggles of closeted drug and alcohol abuses in a professional setting. Using a true case of addiction, Richard Zemeckis displays how your life can change in any given moment as a result of your addiction. For Whip, that moment came the day he became a hero. The moment he became a hero in other people's eyes he had to come to grips with his own reality and not that of which the outside world perceived him as. The reality of him being a drug addict in his eyes was both a positive and negative. He knew that the drugs helped him land the plane, but that it also highlights his addiction as a new light. This film highlighted the consequences of those hiding their drug addiction. In Whips case, this plane crash brought his problem full frontal. Although, he had done this is whole life, this event was his life changer. He chose to come clean as result of this event because the person he was perceived as and the person he actually was two different people. At the end he came clean to others and himself. The "real" Whip came forward causing the change of his life.

The film “Flight” directed by Richard Zemeckis uses an allegorical figure of evil to display the theme of addiction that is displayed in the film. This

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