Flight Nurses and Fligh Paramedics

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Background Summary
Flight nurse’s and Flight Paramedics performs as members of an aeromedical crew on helicopters (rotor wing), and airplanes (fixed wing) aircraft, providing for in-flight management and care for all types of patients. Responsibilities of this job include the planning and preparation of flight, safety, evaluation of an individual patient's in-flight needs and request appropriate medications, supplies, and equipment to provide continuing care from origination to the destination facility. They act as liaisons between facilities during an interfacility transport and from scene location to trauma center during medical and trauma related emergencies. They also initiate emergency treatment in the absence of a physician during in-flight medical emergencies. Flight nurses and Flight Paramedics have training in mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic support, vasoactive medications, airway, and other intensive care skills.
Most air medical businesses expect nurses to have at least 2 to 5 years of experience in emergency or critical care units, and the more trauma experience, the better. This means nurses that have a proven ability to manage multiple patients with vastly different conditions, as well as being able to make split-second decisions about patient care with maximum attention to patient care and safety. Flight Paramedics are expected to have a minimum three years current experience as a paramedic on an Advanced Life Support Team and/or Critical Care Transport
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