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B – Flight Every single human in this world has a dream about something. Everyone wants to pursue their dreams, but some people try harder than others to follow their dreams. Unfortunately it doesn’t always go the way it should. Alice Hoffman presents this theme in the short story “Flight”, which was written in year 2000. In the story we meet the two characters Eugene Kessler and Jason. Through a characterisation of them both you can see similarities and differences between them. Jason is described as a serious and responsible man, who never breaks any rules. He goes to the university Harvard with Eugene, and he strives to be as good as possible. He has dedicated a lot of time to his science project, which includes 20 hamsters having…show more content…
The fact that we know that the narrator feels guilty puts further focus on the theme. He/she tries to pursue the dream about getting out of town with Eugene, but she is split between whether it is worth it or not because it does not really go the way it should have gone. On page 9, lines 104-105 it says: Maybe I should have been angry about working all year for nothing, but I wasn’t. This quote indicates that though she has worked a whole year for nothing, she is not angry. This could be interpreted as he/she is happy about Eugene having the opportunity to leave town and therefore pursuing his dream, but he/she is still sad that she didn’t have the chance to do so. Therefore you can say that the narrator has ambivalent feelings about pursuing one’s dreams. The element, which kind of binds the narrator and Eugene together, is the setting. They both live in a suburb called Franconia, which they don’t like. On page 6, line 4-5 it says that In Franconia, no one’s imagination was working overtime. This could indicate that Eugene and the narrator are tired of the values that Franconia represents and in terms of dreams they might be tired of lazy people without any ambitions in life, and therefore the setting also underlines the theme of the story. An often-used word about the setting in this story is the word hot. The place they live is apparently quite hot, and people are fainting because of the heat. This heat is also an element, which binds Eugene and the narrator even
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