Flight Transformation

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In life, there are many situations that form people into who they become. Some of these situations could be internal and some external. During Flight, Zits made a huge transformation from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. There were many obstacles that contributed to his transformation such as when Zits meets Justice, and Jimmy and when he was flying in the airplane to being his father. Zits was a very hard person to get along with at the beginning of the book. “Good morning,” he says.” “Whatever,” I say again.” Alexie , Sherman17. Since he moved from foster home to foster home, he thought he was worthless and that nobody cared about him. Being mean was his defend mechanism to thinking he was not loved because he…show more content…
When Justice told Zits to shoot up the bank, he did. “I aim my pistols at the faces of these strangers” Alexie, Sherman 36. If it was not for this situation, Zits wouldn't have gotten shot and started to go into different bodies. These different bodies made Zits do things he, himself wouldn't normally do. “THE OTHER FBI DUDE and I step out of our motel room” Alexie, Sherman 42. When Zits was in the different bodies, he learned a lot. Even though he never thought he would have learned what he has learned, this made him a better person. That is because he took the lessons out of each and every body he was in. “Maybe I learned something. Maybe God forgave me and sent me to Heaven” Alexie, Sherman 61. The most lessons and change happened in the last body he was…show more content…
With Zits getting help, he finds that nothing was wrong with him. He then moves into Officer David’s brothers house and lives with them as a happy family. Even the Wife of officer David's brother helps Zits and cleans up his face. “This is some skin-care treatment stuff, okay? I’m going to teach you how to use it, okay?” Alexie, Sherman 157. In the story Flight, Zits has many situations that he has gone through that have changed his out look in life. He starts out as a boy who doesn't care about anything and has nothing to a boy who has been through a lot and learns as he goes what is right and what is wrong. It takes time for Zits to realize this but in the end he is “rebirth” with a different attitude and a new out look on life. This story brings people through Zits’ ups and downs of his life but in the end he figures out who he is and where he
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