Flint Cragleys Adventure

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“Get Ready to narrate, Brah!” Monzo exclaimed. Monzo turned on the camera. “Cragley HO! for all of you watching Flint Cragley, Crag-trotter on Crag-vision.” Flint Cragley read his legendary phrase. “This week we will be exploring the Flora-caves just south of The Downtown of Crag. Where the dangerous Flora-King lives.” Flint spoke in the primitive microphone. This week he was wearing his leopard skin skirt (Like his normal clothes. After all, he does live his life like a normal Cragnon.) “Here we go! Were are going behind the scenes of the recent Crag-Nappings.” Flint walked in with his cameraman Hornfels and his Microphone guy, Monzo “Are you sure you want to go in there, Brah?” Hornfels asked. “Yeah, Hornfels right, Brah.” Monzo says. “It looks kind of like the Flora-King, Brah.” Hornfels spoke with confidence. “But with my power and strength I will get through without pain!” Flint exclaimed. “CUT!” Flint Ended the video. “Yucky! This place is the gross!” Flint said to the crew. “The Crags will like this, Brah, Do it!” Hornfels said. “Yeah, If you fake this one, it will be, like, your 200,000,000,000th one!” Monzo exclaimed. “Fine, I guess I will.” Flint knew the danger but he wanted to make the Cragnon race happy, his ratings would go down if he didn't. That means that he will flop and his workers would get more money than him. “Job of Monzo lame.” Monzo cried. “Mommy said not to apply for this job, she said 'Its the worst job in Crag.'” Monzo cried even harder.

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