Flint Water Crisis. In Today’S Society, Clean Water Is

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Flint Water Crisis In today’s society, clean water is taken for granted by many individuals. Like many other luxuries, safe drinking water is not recognized until it is unavailable. Unfortunately, this became the reality for many americans living in Flint, Michigan around August 2014. This problem arose shortly after the government switched the county’s water supply. Therefore, many believe that the government was the source of this major crisis. However, the government has also taken many actions, such as new regulations and procedures, in attempting to solving this crisis. The journalists for CNN discuss that residents in Flint, Michigan are exposed to contaminated water that is the cause of many health problems. In early 2014, the…show more content…
The residents of Flint, Michigan were continuously looking to the government for a solution to this crisis. However, another issue involved in the crisis is that the government was treating the wrong problem.However, many are puzzled as to why numerous residents are ill because the MEDQ rebutted that it would be multiple years before the chlorine would cause dramatic effects. The Detroit Free Press states “children were developing rashes and suffering from mysterious illnesses” (“Flint Water”). Until early 2015, the government believed that the cause to the Flint Water Crisis was due to an excess of antibacterial substances. One particular household observed changes in the smell and taste of their water. This motivated LeeAnne Walters, Flint resident, to have her water tested. The American Chemical Society (ACS) states the results “All 32 samples from the Walters ' home contained lead concentrations above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency action level of 15 micrograms per liter. Four samples were above 5,000 micrograms per liter, the threshold for hazardous waste. And one sample contained 13,200 micrograms per liter.” Due to this analysis, the EPA believes that the extremely high levels of lead can be the cause of the mysterious illnesses. In the end, the profound cause of the Flint Water Crisis appears to be increased exposure to lead. There are many problems that can be associated with high lead levels in water.
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